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Cook & Impress: Easy Recipe For Chinese Dumplings

Homemade Chinese Dumplings. A nice addition to any meal.

Asian Cooking
Make dinner fun. Surf the Internet for easy recipes such the one I found to make these yummy dumplings.

Even if you are not a master chef, you can be a pretty good chef. Use the internet to find easy recipes from around the world. You’ll be surprised at how easy some of your favorite restaurant dishes are to make at home. Take control of your kitchen and make it a fun place to be. I love cooking with my children. It’s a time where we can create something together and talk. My son found these so easy to make he made breakfast dumplings.

Fresh meat filled dumplings
Garlic, ground meat (ground even more in a food processor) and other spices.

He filled the wrappings with scrambled eggs and sausage, browned both sides, and viola! He had an easy finger food breakfast. So go ahead give a recipe a try. Have you ever discovered a recipe you never thought you’d make yourself? Leave a comment and let me know your experiences.





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Dumpling wraps can be bought pre-made or you can make the dough yourself.articles









Bones Season 8 Premiers Sept 17th; S7 Preorder & Release Date Details.

Bones Season 8 Premiers Sept 17th; S7 Preorder & Release Date Details

Did you watch the Bones Season 8 premier? What did you think about it? Check out my blog on Newsforshoppers.com and learn about the pre-order and release date of Season 7 on Blue-Ray and DVD.

I love watching Bones and the chemistry between Booth and Bones makes the show even better. The love connection has been the death for some television shows, but something about Booth and Bones makes crime solving more fun. Bones showed a more human side to her in season 7 and I hope that the creators continue in this vein. Although, I love Bones, quirky and awkwardly social side too.

Bones is not going to have it easy in the beginning of season 8 as she is on the run and charged with murder.  Bones nemesis, Christopher Pellant ( a serial killer who is highly tech savvy) is out to frame her for murder, and has made sure that she does not have the help of her friends from the Jeffersonian.  Where the FBI was once a friend; they are now her foe and leading the chase to bring Bones to justice.

Whatever happens, Bones is sure to give Pellant a run for his money. Check out the show and leave a comment.