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The Journey Home: Culture Shock

Burglengenfeld (Photo credit: clg20171)

Well folks, I have had an amazing six years in Germany.  I will miss my little town I have grown to love. Unfortunately, my family and I are packing up and heading back to the US of A. I will certainly miss all the friends I have made here. I have to say that I am grateful to have experienced what most people only dream of while living vicariously through the media. Of course, our move shouldn’t come as a surprise since we are a military family. Moving is part of our world, and learning to continuously adapt is a must, otherwise enjoying your time wherever the military assigns you can become a nightmare.

Am I nervous? You bet I am! When my family and I first moved to Germany it was a huge culture shock. The language was a large barrier and shopping was not nearly as fun as it was back home. My husband had chosen a house in the German community of Burglengenfeld, and my family and I were instantly immersed in the German culture. Since I did not have my European license yet I had to shop on the German economy. I was forced to learn how to communicate in the German economy, for what I wanted and needed, when I had to get something for the household. Ahhh, that seemed so long ago. Eventually the family assimilated and my children even learned to speak German fluently. They were fortunate to have a terrific German language instructor named Frau O.

Now we are headed back to the US. Journeying back home to a place which should feel familiar to us, but somehow it doesn’t. I am like the foreign people who only know what they know of the US through the media. The knowledge is part truth and part illusion. There have been many changes since we have moved from the US and there might be some changes that we will know nothing about until we step back on US soil. Driving back home will definitely be different without the autobahn. We will have to watch our speed and fight the need to blaze down the interstate at 80 to 100 miles per hour.

Burglengenfeld Rathaus
Burglengenfeld Rathaus (Photo credit: clg20171)

Our household is packed up and my family waits with butterflies in our bellies for the day of departure. I will have to get used to only speaking English and not mixing it with German. So, wish me luck, our move isn’t over yet, and I will have updates on my Journey, until then Auf Wiedersehen!