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Weekly Photo Challenge-Delicate Outside And Strength Inside

There are things in this world which we take for granted as being delicate. There are the clouds in the sky which are diaphanous looking on a beautiful sunny day. Yet when the skies become angry the clouds can turn dark and brooding, no longer looking like the delicate wisp of cotton balls in the sky.

Delicate clouds...the calm before the storm?
Delicate clouds…the calm before the storm?

Beautiful geese roams the river banks in Amsterdam. Their “oh so white” downy feathers bring to mind, being wrapped in down comforters, on  cozy days and nights. However, nature has a resiliency that is endowed for the survival of the fittest. Do not underestimate a goose’s delicate form, for it’s beak can be a dangerous weapon.

These geese lounge near the river bank, but they are far more spry when they need to be.
These geese lounge near the river bank, but they are far more spry when they need to be.

Flowers tend to be most on a person’s mind when the word delicate pops ups. Yet year after year, season after season, flowers will grow wildly along the country side without help from any human hands.

Delicately wild...
Delicately wild…


My most favorite of delicate things…dolls. Their pretty silky hair and cute smallness lends to the perfection of the delicate of looks. Yet, dolls can last for  many years, preserving our memories of childhood within it’s very doll soul.

Pretty dolls with delicate strength of timelessness.
Pretty dolls with delicate strength of timelessness.


The Journey Home: This Is going to Take Some Getting Used To PT 1

Ok, it started at 2am, an ungodly hour to start a journey across the pond, we traveled by bus for four hours! Ahhh! Then we took a flight which seemed to take forever (we had the privilege to be behind a small child who felt he should start a crying marathon) before we ended up on US soil.

Oh the thrills of running to the gate as the plane is about to board except that security has other plans for you as they put your bag through one more time. My husband stood with a tapping foot and glared down to his watch and back to security again (just to let you know this did not speed things up). Finally on the next leg of our flight the family was relieved (no crying babies, yay!)

The second leg of our flight involved and emergency landing in Nashville due to an air pressure drop in the cockpit. Say Whaaat???

Let me tell you that this did not help me in the fact that my husband is terrified of flying. Well, just great! Thank goodness, the flight attendant had already given him his second mini-bottle of bourbon as the plane descended.

In the Nashville airport, the family and I roamed around and explored while we waited for the plane to be fixed, or if we had to spend the night and be put on another flight in the morning. Starving we scouted an open restaurant, it was late in the evening. We eventually settled on an over priced Pizza Hut meal and then headed to the USO.

While we ate we got the word that the plane was fixed, and our connection had been changed to another flight heading to Texas, so instead of arriving at 8:30 in the evening we will arrive close to midnight (yawn…someone just throw me a bed). Thank goodness for the USO and volunteers that staff it. It certainly helped to be able to sit in comfortable recliners and relax until the time for our flight was ready to board.

Finally, we made it to the grand old state of Texas. Tired and jet lagged we happily fell out of the hotel van and headed to our room. It was some time way past midnight and the pull of beds beckoned us to sleep, and we welcomed it. So first some sleep and hopefully the next morning it would be time to explore our new home.

Psych-Os Invited To Create Next Tagline, S7 Premieres 2/27/13

Psych-Os Invited To Create Next Tagline, S7 Premieres 2/27/13.

If you’re a PSYCH-O, click the link to find out more of our favorite crime fighting duo!

We love you Shawn and Gus. 😉