Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Focusing is not always easy to do especially when you have other things catching your eye. As one gets older it is easy to look back and focus on the things we should have done. However the past is the past, and the only changes we can make now is in the present which puts focus on our future. So focus on your present because this will not fix the past but at least you won’t repeat it (or at least we hope not to). I hope you enjoy the images I started to focus on in my life, and may you find yours in time.

#art, #nurnberg
Some art is strange and makes you think. I always winder what might be going through the artist mind in some cases.

Tidepool.jpg Yellow flowers.jpg

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    1. Thanks for visiting my sight and the pingback. 🙂


    1. Thank you for taking a look at my blog site. I appreciate the pingback.


  1. katjusablog says:

    I like your photos from focus challenge. Thank you for including me into your site 🙂


    1. Thank you. I really enjoyed the snow photo. It reminded me of my times in Germany. I miss the snow…haha I know it sounds crazy but besides being cold it lent an air of freshness. Thanks for visiting my site also. Hopefully we will find future interest in other blogs.


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