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Sometimes I watch the world around me and thoughts come into my head. Some thoughts are so provoking I must speak out. Hear my voice and let me hear yours.

Finally Jumping on the Twitter Bandwagon

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Full Moon Metamorphosis

Full Moon. It is witness to all metamorphosis that happen during its full light. Moon rays stretch into the darkness to bring change where some feel none exist. Me? I don’t know if I change, but I do feel the changes in the air. The moonlight shines like a beacon, spotlighting the happenings of living things. The moon’s power is definitely underestimated when compared to its other half, the sun. The moon’s pull can change the tides, and its magic can transform a man into a ferocious beast. It is by moonlight that dark and sensual deeds are sought out, including the awesome tales of blood lust by  legendary vampires.

The full moon entices the weak to become strong and the adventurous to indulge in ghost stories before braving to sleep under the night sky. In the light of the moon your favorite swimming hole becomes a place where water nymphs and fairies live among the floral and fauna. By moonlight shadows are no longer ordinary while sounds once recognized become extraordinary. Ahhh, but my imagination runs wild, or does it?

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Full Moon, metamorphosis, vampires
What does the full moon change in you?

The Journey Home: The Final Destination

Wow, it’s been almost eight months since I last blogged about our landing on American soil. So much has happened since then I hardly know where to start the telling. My family and I have come a long way since that night we stumbled sleepily towards our hotel room and waiting beds.

The Dome of the Texas State Capitol
The Dome of the Texas State Capitol (Photo credit: Kumar Appaiah)

So, this is Texas, our final destination and my family and I are smack dab in the middle of it all. When we first heard we were heading to Texas none of us thought we would ever get used to it. Texas is certainly a far cry from the European lifestyle of outdoor café bistros we are used to patronizing. However, Texas has a lifestyle of its own. Its beauty is reflected in its people’s love for their state as well as appreciation of the bounties the land itself delivers. While I contemplated the heat index that I would have to endure I tried to make as many trips out to explore during the cooler months.

During a night out with friends my husband and I had the opportunity to experience South by Southwest. South by Southwest (aka SXSW to locals and fans) is a festival that concentrates on promoting films, music, and interactive connections with the people who attend it. The night was fun and full of sights and sounds from celebrity sightings, street musicians, and television networks promoting new shows. IT was an entertaining and fun night. I look forward to attending SXSW 2014 which is right round the corner as the festival is usually held near the beginning of Spring in the month of March. In 2014 the festival runs from Friday March 7 through Sunday March 16.

The night we weren't expecting to happen but it did. what a great experience to run into.
The night we weren’t expecting to happen, but it did. What a great experience to run into.

Since that night we have discovered that Texas is not just a huge empty desert, but a large community of people who really love where they live. I have really enjoyed visiting the beautiful lakes and parks here. My husband has discovered the sport of fishing which he is finding is not as easy as it may seem. We had a chance to explore the Capitol in Austin. The history and architecture here is just as grand and rich as in Europe. I look forward to discovering more of Texas and the people in it.  Now a new journey has begun as I close one chapter to begin another, and rediscover  America again. I hope that you will be there discovering it with me.

Call Me King Trailer- What Do You Want To Know?

Hi Brouhahas…I need your help. Check out this trailer and let me know if you recognize any of the actors here. Now, if you had a chance to ask the director some questions about the movie, what would they be?
Hints: There are some pretty well known actors here, one actor appeared in GI Joe: Retaliation along with The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson and Channing Tatum. He played part of the Cobra Secret Service and is also a producer for this film Call Me King.

A lead character in this film is also known for his portrayal in the popular series Friday Night Lights as ” Coach Bill McGregor”. Do you know who this is?

This Chinese actress wows us with her unique and independent style on the red carpet, as well as making appearances on Entourage and Lost? Who is she?
Website has the answers. Remember to respond with your questions; then I can put them to director R.L Scott in a one on one interview coming soon to

My Red Typewriter. com

My Red Typewriter. com.

Hello Brouhaha fans, there’s a new kid in town and Nyree Wade is at the head of the pack. This blog site wants to encourage others to wade (haha, excuse the pun) into creative writing. If you aren’t into writing, but love a short story then check out this site. Nyree is a creative writer who infuses her imagination and love of life into a story…but don’t take my word for it, check out the site and take the time to subscribe. Ciao for now and get yourself into a brouhaha!

The Rest is Illusion- A Story of Finding Oneself & Making Peace

The-Rest-Is-Illusion-9781601450562The Rest Is Illusion is a gripping tale of discovering oneself while accepting the things in life you can and can’t control. Dashel “Dash” Yarnsbrook is a college student gripped in a painful illness. As the story unfolds the reader is drawn not only into the life of Dash, but his friends Ahsley and Sara. Then there is the villain of the story, Wilder Rawls, who makes life hell for just about everyone he meets.

Dash, Sarah, and Ashley like many students in college must face issues that many students come up against. There are issues relating to trusting their own decisions and discovering that not everyone in the world is full of good intentions.

Readers can find a little of themselves in each of the characters. We’ve all been in a place where we are not sure of how we feel about each other, the opposite sex, or even how we would react when faced with death. The Rest Is Illusion touches on these subjects as well as giving readers a look on how far a little faith can change a life.

As I read this story I was touched by the realistic approach to the feelings of the characters. I contacted author Eric Arvin requesting an interview and he was kind enough to answer some of my questions. I invite you to meet Eric Arvin. He answers the questions with warmth and an openness that makes you feel like a life long friend.

The character’s perspective of their lives we interesting. As a writer did you plan these perspectives or did they just fall into place?

Eric Arvin: “They very much evolved over time. The tale was originally a short story wherein Dashel was a supporting character and Wilder was the lead, and he was a decent guy, too. But things happened in my life and the personalities of the characters shifted. There’s a psychological aspect to these changes, but that would take way too long to get into.”

 You had mentioned this was your first novel. Was this the first novel you ever wrote?

Eric Arvin: ” The first book I ever wrote – if you don’t count the two I did for the Young Authors program when I was a wee thing – was a book about a boy born with wings called The Demon of Jericho. I’ve just recently shortened and tinkered with that book for publication in the anthology Crack the Darkest Sky Wide Open, due out in May from The Barn Cats. Meow.”

Is there a bit of you in these characters?

Eric Arvin: ” There is a bit of me in every character I write, from the most hateful devil to the most beautiful…devil.”

Wilder is the epitome of the villain you love to hate. Have you ever met anyone like Wilder Rawls?

Eric Arvin: ” Not exactly like him. But there were a couple guys in college that came terribly close. Fellas with political aspirations who had no issue with using others to achieve their goals. AND NOW, I SHALL EXPOSE THEM!!! …Not really.”

I love the menagerie of characters such as Ashley being an Albino. Was he intentionally made to be an Albino or did he just evolve?

Eric Arvin: ” Again, that was total evolution. His character wasn’t even in the first version of the story, nor the second. But by the time I began to write the third I realized I needed someone to balance out Wilder Rawls’ character. Ashley is the closest thing to an angel in the book. I reference that in a few scenes, including one at the falls.”

Are there any new novels or writings in the works?

Eric Arvin: ” Aside from the anthology mentioned above, I have written a novella with Tj Klune, Ghouls Gym, for Empire Press’s Zombie Boyz anthology. Also from Empire I have The Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles & Men and its prequel Azrael & The Light Bringer set for release this year, both of these set in the same valley as The Rest Is Illusion. The audio book of Woke Up in a Strange Place, as read by Charlie David (Bump, Dante’s Cove), should be out soon.  I’ve just finished writing a spec fic epic called Terms We Have For Dreaming, but that won’t be seen by a publisher for a while.”

Are any of your novels being consider for a film?

Eric Arvin: “The Rest Is Illusion is making the rounds, as is a telescript for Subsurdity.”


Author Eric Arvin
Author Eric Arvin





The Journey Home: This Is going to Take Some Getting Used To PT 1

Ok, it started at 2am, an ungodly hour to start a journey across the pond, we traveled by bus for four hours! Ahhh! Then we took a flight which seemed to take forever (we had the privilege to be behind a small child who felt he should start a crying marathon) before we ended up on US soil.

Oh the thrills of running to the gate as the plane is about to board except that security has other plans for you as they put your bag through one more time. My husband stood with a tapping foot and glared down to his watch and back to security again (just to let you know this did not speed things up). Finally on the next leg of our flight the family was relieved (no crying babies, yay!)

The second leg of our flight involved and emergency landing in Nashville due to an air pressure drop in the cockpit. Say Whaaat???

Let me tell you that this did not help me in the fact that my husband is terrified of flying. Well, just great! Thank goodness, the flight attendant had already given him his second mini-bottle of bourbon as the plane descended.

In the Nashville airport, the family and I roamed around and explored while we waited for the plane to be fixed, or if we had to spend the night and be put on another flight in the morning. Starving we scouted an open restaurant, it was late in the evening. We eventually settled on an over priced Pizza Hut meal and then headed to the USO.

While we ate we got the word that the plane was fixed, and our connection had been changed to another flight heading to Texas, so instead of arriving at 8:30 in the evening we will arrive close to midnight (yawn…someone just throw me a bed). Thank goodness for the USO and volunteers that staff it. It certainly helped to be able to sit in comfortable recliners and relax until the time for our flight was ready to board.

Finally, we made it to the grand old state of Texas. Tired and jet lagged we happily fell out of the hotel van and headed to our room. It was some time way past midnight and the pull of beds beckoned us to sleep, and we welcomed it. So first some sleep and hopefully the next morning it would be time to explore our new home.

The Journey Home: Halloween German Style

Happy Halloween

Ever since Halloween was introduced to Germany in 1994 by a German businessman, Halloween has become a $245 billion business. Pretty good, for a holiday that isn’t traditionally European.

Yep, my last year here I was going to dress up for Halloween. I have had other Halloweens here but I never dressed up.  I usually end up with my husband and I passing out candy for the little German children who exclaimed, “Streich oder Süßigkeit” (“trick or candy”-the closet translation of American’s “trick or treat“). The children sometimes also say, “Süßes oder Saures”, which means sweets or sours.

Zombie Demon Queen was my specialty for the night.

This year I decided to head out on the town. My costume of choice? Why the ever so popular zombie, of course. My Journey Home series usually tells my story through words, but this time I will let the photographs speak for themselves. Just know that as in the US Halloween is a fun time. A time to be whatever and whoever you want to be without being judged. For a country who hasn’t embraced the theme of Halloween for too long, the German definitely readily adapt. Of course, the Germans always seem to find a way for everyone to enjoy time together and create lively memories. So without further ado, here are mine. Enjoy!

It was a good night and everyone was very excited to pose for pictures.


The Journey Home: The Hiccup

English: Germany, Bavaria, Burglengenfeld, his...

In the end there is always a hiccup…a surprise that no one ever meant to deal with. Besides our usual knowledge of what a hiccup is, the dictionary has another description. A hiccup can be described as- a minor difficulty, interruption, or setback. Here is the story of my “hiccup”…

Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.
Arnold Bennett

Picking up your life and moving to another place, even one familiar to you, is never easy. There is bound to be hiccups as one prepares for a journey.

As I made the rounds of parties, and coming together with friends wishing my family and I well for our journey in three weeks. I didn’t think I would be writing the fourth installment of my journey from a hospital room.

Oh, don’t worry, I have a nice view. The hospital, called a Krakenhaus in German, sits on a hill. In my room a table has been placed by massive windows which over look the city.  The day is cold and gray but inside I am warm and cozy. The trees are in the middle of shedding their leaves in preparation for the coming winter. The leaves’ bright colors contrast with the gray sky. Beneath my window lies a small area with a man-made pond surrounded by the same trees I see from my view. The pond holds colorful Koi fish among lily pads that seem conveniently placed, and wooden benches are near by for people, which beckon you to sit and enjoy the surroundings.

I look longingly out the window wishing to be home, but knowing that I must stay. I am here due to the “hiccup” in my health. Argh, only two weeks to go before I fly over the ocean back to the US of A. Here I am stuck in a hospital (sigh). At least my roommate is nice, although the language barrier makes it difficult to converse. We still try  to learn more about each other and my German seems to be okay in some cases.Somehow we get our meanings across and sometimes we don’t an sit in companionable silence.

I have more to tell you a little of my roommate and her husband. They are a sweet elderly couple around 79 and 80 years of age. I will call them Frau and Herr M. Frau M, tells me her and her husband have been married for 53 years! Herr M, whose English is limited is still better

Wow, I hope to be able to tell a young couple one day that my husband and I have been together for as long as 53 years. They are so sweet to each other. Herr M is ever so doting on Frau M. It makes the marriage seem even more romantic. Having Frau M as a roommate has alleviated the boredom of being in the hospital. Even with our language barrier, both Frau M and I give it a good try.

I really don’t have much more to tell, accept that I must take some tests, and I am on the hospital’s time when it comes to answers. The staff is nice and regardless of where you’re hospitalized, the food is always wanting. The nice thing here is that you have a little more freedom than in US hospitals. I can go for walks around the hospital grounds. There is even a hillside which leads to a church which sit atop another hill above the hospital.

Once I am freed into the real world I will write of my outings with friends, the nostalgic reminiscing, and the bonds created over the years. As usual, until then Auf Wiedersehen.