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Naked and Afraid-Who me?

Lately, I have been drawn into watching Discovery Channel’s show Naked and Afraid. Of course, it’s easy for me to critique the people who actually have the kahunas to actually be Naked and Afraid. I suppose I enjoy watching the show because it’s not just about survival but  human nature getting real. Two strangers have to get naked trek to survive in some part of the world with only a burlap shoulder bag. In the bag is the one item the survivor feels will hold the most importance in helping in their survival experience for 21 days. Naked an Afraid feel that this show brings “survival of the fittest” to a whole new level. Each person is test for a PSR, which Discovery Channel calls Primitive Survival Rating. The ratings are from zero to 10 on the amount of skill they could bring to a survival situation (except their naked).


On this weeks show the two strangers, Tom and Carrie, find themselves dropped off in the Cambodia wilderness. Tom chose while Carrie, maybe it’s her inner Marine, chose a machete to tackle the bamboo covered wilderness. This show was intense as it the first time the two people actually didn’t get along. I agree with the new PRS assessments description are an excellent rating for these two. I know I wouldn’t want to be in a survival situation with either of these two. Don’t get me wrong there are some great teams out there. I mean like they made being naked and surviving look badass. However, I do not think that I will be applying to get on that show soon. I’ll stick to living vicariously through other braves souls. If any of you decide to apply, let me know how it goes. I look forward to watching you @NakedAndAfraid.

Watching of Naked and Afraid led me to tweeting about it on Twitter and @DailyReHash not only “favorited” my tweet, but they used it in their Web show. It was a strange experience hearing someone else use my Brouhaha Access moniker @Budom. Play the video and see me have my minute of fame. Want to keep up with what others think about Naked and Afraid? Then follow me @ Budom and @DailyRehash for more about Naked and Afraid on Discovery Channel on Sunday nights.

Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain No Reservations bids farewell with final season | Dialect Magazine

Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain No Reservations bids farewell with final season | Dialect Magazine.



This is a must read! I wrote this article for Dialect Magazine. Even funnier I wrote before I even knew I would live so close to Austin. I guess it was just fate. Dialect Magazine also has other great articles about global culture. I hope you enjoy the article. Let me know if you do…good readings to ya! 🙂


Travel Channel logo
Travel Channel logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




BONES Renewed for Season 9, Premieres With 2-Hour Special


BONES Renewed for Season 9, Premieres With 2-Hour Special

BONES Renewed for Season 9, Premieres With 2-Hour Special.

The Bones season premiere is not too far off! Check out my article about what’s in store for the serie’s new season.

Who is your favorite character on BONES? Leave a comment.

Once Upon A Time – Will The Cricket Chirp?

Once Upon A Time – Will The Cricket Chirp?.

Once Upon A Time – Will The Cricket Chirp?

Was it worth the wait? Once Upon A Time is back and it looks like everyone is being played. Even Emma, who is usually good at telling if someone is lying, is doubting herself.

It seems that Regina is not the only one that has to look out for Cora’s evil ways.

Click on the link above and leave a discussion about this weeks 10th episode- The Cricket Game…

Are you game?

Psych-Os Invited To Create Next Tagline, S7 Premieres 2/27/13

Psych-Os Invited To Create Next Tagline, S7 Premieres 2/27/13.

If you’re a PSYCH-O, click the link to find out more of our favorite crime fighting duo!

We love you Shawn and Gus. 😉

Dallas Star Larry Hagman, Dead Of Cancer, 81


Dallas Star Larry Hagman, Dead Of Cancer, 81.

Another great icon has passed, RIP Larry Hagman. Larry Hagman played the infamous schemer of all schemers, J.R. Ewing. See how TNT will handle his loss with the second season première airing on TNT network January 28th.

Once Upon A Time: Child Of The Moon, Ruby’s Story

Check out my recap for all Once Upon A Time fans. 🙂 Click on the News For Shoppers link to the article (it’s below) and feel free to leave a comment or discuss the episode with me.

Once Upon A Time: Child Of The Moon, Ruby’s Story.

Elementary S1 E5- First Instincts And The Angel Of Death

The poster says it all.


Sherlock tries to convince Watson he smells murder.

With each episode Season one of Elementary’s Sherlock Holmes has “baited” me. This episode grabbed my attention when the Angel of Death is found to be walking the halls of a New York City  hospital.

Elementary, My dear Watson!

Instinctively from the start Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller of Eli Stone and Dexter fame) sniffs out murder like a hound dog sniffs out a bone. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu of Charlie’s Angels and Kung Fu Panda), gets a chance to use her doctor skills to help Sherlock solve the case.

The storyline reveals more of Dr. Joan Watson’s past. The episode aptly named, “Lesser Evils”, has Sherlock and Watson on the trail of an Angel of Death. Someone is killing patients systematically at a New York City Hospital.

During the investigation Sherlock learns more about his “sober companion” than he expected.

Sherlock is like a proud papa in the wings, when Watson’s instincts might keep a former colleague’s patient from dying. Meanwhile, the unlikely duo, work together to catch the person responsible for nine deaths in a local hospital.

With a long list of suspects Watson offers to add her medical expertise in solving the case.

As Sherlock and Watson start brainstorming, they discover that someone has stolen Epinephrine, and is using it to kill terminally ill patients.

I love Sherlock’s manic solving skills, but in the interrogation room he seems so still and in control. Since Sherlock is a police consultant, and not part of law enforcement, he has his way of digging up the truth.

Watson meets an old colleague,Dr. Carrie Dwyer, while working on the case. After the meeting Watson gets a chance to see on one of Dr. Dwyer’s patients. Watson notices some sign that the patient may have endocarditis, she warns Dr. Dwyer surgery might kill her patient. Dr. Dwyer takes offense and reminds Watson why she’s no longer a doctor (place awkward silence here) in the first place.

Not long after, the crime solving duo, catches a possible suspect in a patient’s room in the act of a homicide. They may have caught their elusive, Angel of Death, but catch a morphine addicted doctor instead.

Sherlock is getting more manic and frustrated by the minute, but he still seems in control. So in control in fact, Sherlock encourages Watson to stand her ground and get Dr. Dwyer do a life saving test to save her patient’s life.

Then the case explodes wide open.  Sherlock and Watson catch the Angel of Death and an egomaniac doctor, who used the Angel of Death to cover his own mistake.

Renowned, but troubled surgeon Dr. Mason Baldwin, left a clamp inside his patient during surgery.Already on thin ice with the hospital Dr. Baldwin used, the Angel of Death, to kill the patient for him, before his mistake was discovered. He almost got away scott clean if not for Sherlock’s need to leave no stone unturned.

While Dr.Watson trusts her medical instincts to help save a young girls life. This episode was filled with a great beginning and an explosive ending. I can’t wait for the next episode.

Did you see the episode? Leave a comment on what you thought of it? What do you think of Jonny Lee Millers Sherlock?