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DP Challenge- Kids In Adult-Oriented Places

Take kids where they want to be.

Kids can be a blessing until you’re at the movies and a wail breaks out during the most significant part of the film. Should children be allowed in adult orientated places?

Well, it is adult-oriented, meaning there is a possibility you are putting your child in a non rated G environment. Kids will be kids, and they will go where adults take them, but it doesn’t mean they should be there (or even want to be there for that matter). Adults need to decide if it’s the right thing to do by bringing a child into an adult environment.

I have four children myself . Yes, I brought them to nice restaurants, museums, and places where the adult to kid ratio wasn’t exactly balanced. But then I made sure that my children did not act disruptive. If I was going to put my children and others in this situation, I had to take responsibility for my children.

Parents, if you want to take your children to something that has little to do with children be ready to make an early departure. I don’t feel it’s fair to force my children on others when they are expecting a kid free area. Plus, adults sometimes say and do things that aren’t  proper for kids to see or hear.

It’s all on the parent. Use your better judgement if you must have your kids tag along. Sometimes your kid might not even want to hang out in an adult orientated place. It’s boring because there is nothing there geared to keep your kids occupied.

Why not? Because the place was most likely not expecting to have to entertain children. There are many kid friendly places to bring your kids to. Besides every mom and dad needs a little adult time, to appreciate family time.