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Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot-Two ways about it

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In Amsterdam the tram is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to travel. However, if you want the true Dutch experience-ride a bike! then hold on tight and pedal, pedal, pedal.
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Taking sunday walks in Europe is the thing to do when you want some quality time in your relationship. Although stores are closed, food establishments and clubs are not. Nothing is more romantic than window shopping through cobbled stone streets.

The human brain is fascinating in that it can process so many things at once. However, the best way to take things in is to slow down and see the world from all angles.

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Weekly Photo Challenge-Delicate Outside And Strength Inside

There are things in this world which we take for granted as being delicate. There are the clouds in the sky which are diaphanous looking on a beautiful sunny day. Yet when the skies become angry the clouds can turn dark and brooding, no longer looking like the delicate wisp of cotton balls in the sky.

Delicate clouds...the calm before the storm?
Delicate clouds…the calm before the storm?

Beautiful geese roams the river banks in Amsterdam. Their “oh so white” downy feathers bring to mind, being wrapped in down comforters, on  cozy days and nights. However, nature has a resiliency that is endowed for the survival of the fittest. Do not underestimate a goose’s delicate form, for it’s beak can be a dangerous weapon.

These geese lounge near the river bank, but they are far more spry when they need to be.
These geese lounge near the river bank, but they are far more spry when they need to be.

Flowers tend to be most on a person’s mind when the word delicate pops ups. Yet year after year, season after season, flowers will grow wildly along the country side without help from any human hands.

Delicately wild...
Delicately wild…


My most favorite of delicate things…dolls. Their pretty silky hair and cute smallness lends to the perfection of the delicate of looks. Yet, dolls can last for  many years, preserving our memories of childhood within it’s very doll soul.

Pretty dolls with delicate strength of timelessness.
Pretty dolls with delicate strength of timelessness.


Amsterdam or Bust ヅ

The drive to Frankfurt Airport went quickly. The three boys slept just about the whole way there. We arrived somewhat early and I had a beer in the restaurant while the boys looked around. The Frankfurt Airport was vast and full of shops in which you can buy souvenirs or a designer handbag. When it was finally time to board the plane we were all so excited. I have been to the wonderful city of Amsterdam many times and always I find something new to see there.

When we arrived at the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam the rain was drizzling on us, but we did not let that dampen our spirits. We quickly wound our way past other arriving passengers and headed to get our baggage. We were on an adventure and wanted to start it as soon as possible. We hired a taxi to take us to the Hem Hotel/ Hostel which is split into two parts: a hotel and a hostel. The hotel is not bad and cost a little more but has more creature comforts; while the hostel part of the Hem is much smaller and for the person or group who will not spend too much time in the room. We stayed in the four person hostel room, the room was very small to bed for people but bunk-beds took care of that. It could have been cleaner but I was not going to argue when we were only paying €20 a night.

After putting our things away the boys and I decided we were going to head out to eat. Not far from our hotel we found a greatly priced restaurant with delicious authentic Thai cooking called Thai Xpress. It was the best Thai food I have had since I moved overseas. Even the boys were a big fan of the restaurant. We tried a couple more times to eat there for lunch but the restaurant is only open from 16:00 to 22:00. Oh well, at least I know where to go when I make another visit to Amsterdam.

After our bellies were filled with good food the boys and I head out to the center of Amsterdam to peruse the shops and delicacies that Amsterdam could offer. We took the tram ( this is like a bus which moves on a track) which cost €2,70 per ride but there are day tickets for around €7,50 as well as a weekend pass. We looked at smart shops, souvenir stores, and eyed the coffee shops. We rode the tram to the Leidseplein Square, one of the busiest squares Amsterdam. The Leidseplein is where you will find the famous Bulldog Coffeeshop and restaurant as well other great places to eat or just have a drink. If you’re in for a little comedy Boom Chicago is right next door to the Bulldog. The picturesque square is scattered with  tables setup outside the café and restaurants filled with people drinking their cappuccino, beer, or imbibing in their favorite strain of wacky tobaccy. The square is not filled with only bohemian or hippy flower children, but a variety of people from all over the world including families with small children.

The Bulldog Coffeeshop and restaurant-bar located in the Leidseplein Square. It is one of the few scattered through out the city of Amsterdam.

Finally, although we were a bit damp and the weather had turned chiller nothing could dampen our first night in Amsterdam. Of course, there is more adventure to come…so stay tuned for more. ヅImage

Spring is in the Air!

Spring is in the Air!

It’s that time of year when the snow has melted away and the flowers are about to bloom,even in

Have a Dutch experience…get on a bike and ride through the streets pass the houses set along the canals of Amsterdam. It’s an awesome experience and one you’ll never forget.

Germany. It’s a time when a person can step out of their house and feel alive again. It’s no wonder that baby animals are made in the Spring. It’s also a time when there is a week of freedom from school, work, and other worldly pressures of life. My second son will be graduating high school this year and does not want to go to the senior trip.So I decided we could take a trip to Amsterdam where there is fun to be had all around. The Netherlands have a laid back atmosphere which engages you regardless of what type of experience you are expecting to have when visiting. Amsterdam is well known for the city where Coffee Houses are abound, a place where marijuana is sold freely and the mostly infamous Red Light District. 

But Coffee Houses and the Red Light District are not the only things of interest in Amsterdam. There are the famous canals, beautiful buildings, and many museums which exhibit artworks from the most famous, such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh, to artist of today. Anne Frank’s home in which her and her family hid during the war sits ideally along one of the canals. The home of Anne Frank looks as any other building on the canals and without Anne Frank’s diary we may never have known the people who hid in within the rooms, praying and hoping that they would never be caught by German soldiers and sent to a concentration camp.This home connected to one of the saddest stories of our history sits among other buildings which may house homeowners, stores, and other businesses; never standing out except for the fact that Anne Frank’s father, Otto Frank gave the house as a museum, so that other’s may remember the plight he and his family endured, as well as millions of other people worldwide. 

I am excited to be visiting the bustling city once again, which seems so alive and wakes up even the most dormant of people. I will keep updates as I travel for my three night, four day stay. I want to let my readers see and feel in their mind how a trip to this special place can make you smile and feel like a new and refreshed person when you get back to your own bustling and busy life. Until next time…auf wiedersehen.