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Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity Living Off The Land

I enjoy traveling because learning becomes interactive. My visit to Jamaica revealed that poverty is real. In the United States people can go most of their life without seeing or meeting homeless. However, that is getting more difficult as economies remain unstable.

I was impressed with the Jamaican people, that no matter the difficulties of their struggles, the Jamaicans are a positive and resilient people. In Montego, Jamaica stands a statue of  Samuel Sharpe,a revered freedom fighter against slavery.  Sharpe, a leader in abolishing slavery in Jamaica, and aided towards eventual independence from Britain.

“…Jamaica slaves won emancipation in 1834…”-Photo with History of Jamaica.

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Cook & Impress: Easy Recipe For Chinese Dumplings

Homemade Chinese Dumplings. A nice addition to any meal.

Asian Cooking
Make dinner fun. Surf the Internet for easy recipes such the one I found to make these yummy dumplings.

Even if you are not a master chef, you can be a pretty good chef. Use the internet to find easy recipes from around the world. You’ll be surprised at how easy some of your favorite restaurant dishes are to make at home. Take control of your kitchen and make it a fun place to be. I love cooking with my children. It’s a time where we can create something together and talk. My son found these so easy to make he made breakfast dumplings.

Fresh meat filled dumplings
Garlic, ground meat (ground even more in a food processor) and other spices.

He filled the wrappings with scrambled eggs and sausage, browned both sides, and viola! He had an easy finger food breakfast. So go ahead give a recipe a try. Have you ever discovered a recipe you never thought you’d make yourself? Leave a comment and let me know your experiences.





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Dumpling wraps can be bought pre-made or you can make the dough yourself.articles








Hotel Hell: The Ferrari of Hotels

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsey: Hotel Hell

Gordon Ramsay does it again! What can I say, but that I love watching Gordon Ramsay. Sure he’s tough, sometimes tough love is needed, but he is one of the few TV personalities who can make curse words a necessary part a show. First Gordon titillates us by tackling Kitchen Nightmares (literally some of them are nightmares), and now he is  tackling hotels, with a side order of extreme business sense. It always boggles my mind how someone can ask for advise then get pissed off because someone gives it.

The Ferrari of Hotels

The Keating Hotel, which is located in San Dieago, Ca, is in the spotlight on this episode of the Hotel Hell. Gordon  asks viewers to imagine a hotel designed by a teenage boy, the Keating’s design is based on the famous italian made car, the Ferrari. The owner, Eddie, loves Ferrari, so why not design the rooms to look like the inside of a car?Then step two hire a car company to design the room; sleek, include minimal and nonfunctional furniture, and $20,000 bathtubs in the middle of the living-room…go Eddie. Or NOT!

Eddie cannot understand why his hotel isn’t working. He prices he prices the rooms at $759 a night and keeps a dog, named Smudge outside of the hotel entrance (which are line with velvet ropes, Gordon claims “looks like a night club”). Surprise! Here are some of the discoveries made:

Unhappy guests: Really??? Guests gathered by Gordon tell the owner directly some of the flaws in their stay. The guests state that the hotels abundant red decor gives the room a brothel feel, beds have unpressed sheets, food served in plastic containers, and there is only one chair at a bar for eating (what if there are two people?). Eddie, listens to his guests complaints with a shocked look on his face and says, “He appreciates his guests feedback”, when earlier he felt Gordon’s same complaints were unreasonable and that he felt the place wasn’t that bad. Then there is the restaurant which is not even connected to the hotel itself. What’s up with that? Gordon hears it takes 45 minutes for a cheese board priced at $16.99 to get to a guest. Ridiculous. Then the General Manager must help with all the cleaning, laundry,  deal with sub-standard equipment, and run everything run by the owner tastes, whose ears seems to be in non-working order. Gordon,”He looks like a baby whose had his lollipop stolen.”

Where’s the defibrillator?

The kitchen is just as much of a mess as the hotel. The Chef has no control over the menu and is submissive to the owner’s requests to put things on the menu he sees at other businesses. An example of a dish is the chocolate pizza, yes I said it chocolate pizza, topped with chocolate, strawberries, and bacon. Who can resist that? The restaurant manager is antipathetic in running his restaurant and the chef has lost his passion. So much so that the chef has a heart attack while Gordon is filming his part on the show.  Gordon’s yells out for someone to call 911, I am on the edge of my seat. In the words of Gordon, OMG!

Time for a change

After going through all the issues the hotel is having, Gordon gathers the staff together. He ask’s the staff who is the most important person of the hotel? Each staff member answers naming the owner or another staff member. Survey says? THE GUEST. Gordon advises that the hotel needs to stop catering to the likes and dislikes of the Eddie, the owner, but to cater to the guests. The employees need to be given authority to make the best decision for the guests, and update the rooms and equipment. Take away the nasty red walls, put in better furniture and warm up the rooms, give the chef the power to make his menu for better and tastier dishes. The new design is warmer and more chic than sleek, and now a guest can call the kitchen directly to get their orders. Yay, no more plastic dinnerware! Gordon Ramsay, as usual, you’re my hero. Until the next time…keep it tidy.



Regrets and Redos

Season 1 DVD cover (Region 1)
Season 1 DVD cover (Region 1) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In life comes regret and wishing we could do things over that we feel have caused things to get out of hand in our life. But can we redo our regrets? Can we change the path of our life by fixing a wrong we did in the past? Well according to, Being Erica, we need to be careful what we wish for and that we are the sum of our decisions.

Honestly, until watching the Canadian television series “Being Erica”, I didn’t realize how many people might be paralyzed by their regrets. I thought back about troubled times in my life and realize that some of my decisions or non-decisions have been because of regrets. Of course, there are some regrets we can resolve such as, apologizing for the mistake or if too much time hasn’t passed, to go ahead and right the wrong. Unfortunately, many do not realize their regret until the regret is far into the past. The lingering effect totaling the sum of our person and how we may continue to do things. But do we have to let regrets rule us?

Erica, our protagonist on the show gets a lucky break and meets a therapist, Dr. Tom who helps her travel back in time to change the act, in which Erica feels has  changed the course of her life. What’s the catch? The catch is that although Erica may change what she feels is her regret, the act itself is not always what changes the course of her life. The moral of this story is that many times people need to consider that we are blinded by our own worth. Nothing is as simple as it seems and dwelling on the past prohibits us to move on to the future. I identify with Erica and her obsession with her past regrets and the possibilities, that if we could have made a different decision in the past, our futures would be different. Of course, reality check! Yes, the decisions of our past affect our present but it doesn’t have to rule our future path.

I thought about the past and what if this and what if that, but looking at what I have now and the experiences I have had the chance to have are from some of my regrets. I learned that the next time I had the chance to do something I would; and I have. Sometimes that second chance doesn’t come around, but unlike TV land we can not ( at this time at least ) go back in time. So we do what we must and keep on trucking because life regrets and the world does not slow down for anyone.


Often regret is very false and displaced, and imagines the past to be totally other than it was.



Spring is in the Air!

Spring is in the Air!

It’s that time of year when the snow has melted away and the flowers are about to bloom,even in

Have a Dutch experience…get on a bike and ride through the streets pass the houses set along the canals of Amsterdam. It’s an awesome experience and one you’ll never forget.

Germany. It’s a time when a person can step out of their house and feel alive again. It’s no wonder that baby animals are made in the Spring. It’s also a time when there is a week of freedom from school, work, and other worldly pressures of life. My second son will be graduating high school this year and does not want to go to the senior trip.So I decided we could take a trip to Amsterdam where there is fun to be had all around. The Netherlands have a laid back atmosphere which engages you regardless of what type of experience you are expecting to have when visiting. Amsterdam is well known for the city where Coffee Houses are abound, a place where marijuana is sold freely and the mostly infamous Red Light District. 

But Coffee Houses and the Red Light District are not the only things of interest in Amsterdam. There are the famous canals, beautiful buildings, and many museums which exhibit artworks from the most famous, such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh, to artist of today. Anne Frank’s home in which her and her family hid during the war sits ideally along one of the canals. The home of Anne Frank looks as any other building on the canals and without Anne Frank’s diary we may never have known the people who hid in within the rooms, praying and hoping that they would never be caught by German soldiers and sent to a concentration camp.This home connected to one of the saddest stories of our history sits among other buildings which may house homeowners, stores, and other businesses; never standing out except for the fact that Anne Frank’s father, Otto Frank gave the house as a museum, so that other’s may remember the plight he and his family endured, as well as millions of other people worldwide. 

I am excited to be visiting the bustling city once again, which seems so alive and wakes up even the most dormant of people. I will keep updates as I travel for my three night, four day stay. I want to let my readers see and feel in their mind how a trip to this special place can make you smile and feel like a new and refreshed person when you get back to your own bustling and busy life. Until next time…auf wiedersehen.